Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Guy!

So my little guy is growing up TOO fast. At 9 1/2 months, he is certainly holding tight to his momma & daddy's heart.

At his 9 month appointment, Ephraim weighed in at 19lbs 11ounces (30%) and was 30.5 inches long (97%)! While he is not up and crawling yet, he certainly enjoys tummy time and sitting up with all his toys around him. This smart guy waves "bye bye" (even if you aren't going bye bye), stands up very well on his own and gives "kisses" (makes lip smacking if you do, too!). He is SUPER social and loves "big boys."

His cousin Noah just loves hanging out with him and tries to take care of him (by providing a paci, giving him toys and giving hugs!) Ephraim watches Noah walk, jump and run. I'm sure he will be imitating him quite soon.

Those who meet and/or care for him say things like "He is SUCH an easy going baby" or "He sure likes to Talk!" or "He is such a sweet boy." Of course we are proud and think he's just the best little man ever! 9 1/2 months is how long we waited for him in my belly and now 9 1/2 months with him, I can't ever imagine our lives without him. It seems like he has always been around :)

This update will bring some St. Patrick's day photos and some other fun 9 month events.

Enjoy--because we sure do!

He likes to look!

This is the defiant personality!
Trying to get the camera
Polka Dot St Pats Day SMILES!
SO cute!
The tongue is out a lot now!
Silly face
Lime Green JELLO for St Pat's day!
He pivots, moves and scoots backwards, but no crawling yet!
He likes to tear apart his mat and make mommy crazy!
LOVE this smile!
PJ tummy time
YES, ladies, he flirts!
The weather was SO beautiful last weekend!
We got out the slide!
I think he likes it!!!
Trying to take off the hat
Big boy at Kyra's 1st Birthday party!

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Melissa said...

Great pictures - he looks so handsome!!