Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

February 2010--Valentine's Day

While we don't go crazy on Valentine's Day, we do try to make each other feel special. I gave Jerret some much-needed gifts and a concert ticket. I got an air-pop machine to make tons of popcorn! Baby Eph just got our love : )

He is growing SO quickly I can hardly believe that he is my kiddo. Currently, he enjoys his days with LaShandra. They read, play, learn and JUMP! This kid loves to jump in his jumper, on your legs, or even while sitting down (although, this looks a bit like white man dancing!) LaShandra is such a great babysitter! She comes to our house and watches after Sadie, Snick and Eph.

LaShandra also takes Eph and Sadie on a walk everyday. They go around the neighborhood and get fresh air! Ephraim just LOVES the outside!

Mommy had to suck it up and once AGAIN clean out the clothes that don't fit. He is in 9 month clothing and some 12 month PJs. Our skinny guy can still wear his 6 month pants, but the onsies, Pjs and shirts all need to be 9 months.

Eph likes to roll around a lot in his crib. He especially enjoys watching you enter or leave the room. So, he still has a bald spot where his hair rubs, but he his hair is growing fast, too.

We switched to a closer pediatrician this month. Eph impressed the ladies at the office and just loved playing with his new doctor's bracelets. It was fun.

Eph met a friend from ESL class this month, too. Miaad had breakfast with us at St Louis Bread Co one Friday. She loved meeting him and is expecting a baby in August!

Silly boy, loves his puppy! Trying to "pet" here.

Playing with dad. This would be the "Oo. Oo. Monkey" which always gets giggles!
I think Sadie is a little scared in this one, but I thought it was cute!
Wow, is this kid flexible! Its funny to watch him fold in half!
Eph is gonna get some kisses after this pic!
I think they were both bored with posing for photos!
Daddy feeds little guy! Daddy says "I don't play games" but Eph says, lets play with our food!
Tummy Time!

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