Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Eph is 8 Months

Well, my baby boy is GROWING so fast! These photos show him doing what he loves: eating! He is a great solid food eater, but is still not excited about bottle eating. We continue to try to get him to eat out of a bottle, but we might be transitioning to a sippy cup sooner than anticipated. He loves to eat "biter biscuits" or teething cookies. They smell like graham crackers and they are really hard. His slobber breaks part of the cookie down and what you see is slobbery-melted cookie all over his hands, face and bib.

Sadie dog LOVES the smell of these cookies and usually eats what is left over at the end. (You will see her patiently waiting for a bite!)

My boy is not moving or crawling, but he sure loves to see what is going on around him. He gets distracted easily! And, when we recently visited the grandparents in DuQuoin, he noticed he was NOT in his own bed. That was a rough weekend!

Bath time is SO much fun, and he loves to splash mommy and daddy. Eph likes to "bite his arm" when he is hungry. What a silly guy! It is usually just his sleeve, but it is a good signal that the kid is hungry.

Daddy tried to take baby off his pacifier, but with a cold and not feeling well we went back to it already. He still likes the soothing aspect of his paci, and mommy is having a hard time denying him of it.

Ephraim continues to be the joy of our lives!

After math--DIRTY kid, clothes and tray!
Silly Smiles!

Happy Eater!

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