Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Firsts: Swimming and Calling Poison Control

My little guy's first summer in the pool! He just loves his froggy pool. He swam with grandmas one time...and below are the times we swam on a weekend with mommy and daddy. He is wearing his SPF sunshirt and cutie pie swim trunks!
What a cutie!
He loves the water
Pretty mad here, just wanting to get in that pool!

Trying to help with the sunscreen. Nope, we don't eat it...which leads to....
Calling poison control on June 11. He wasn't scared, but I sure was!
Yes, bub, you now have a record!
Eph enjoying momma's semi-liquid blush
Not ashamed here! It was ALL over his body and the floor. Of course, it got on his mouth because he chomped on the round container trying to eat it!

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