Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Magic House Play Date

Eph and I met up with my friend from work, Kameron, and her son Jakob. The two boys were born one week apart. Too fun. The boys really enjoyed the toddler section at the Magic House. We enjoyed it, too. Some parts were great for moms. We could even relax in the lego area!
Practicing driving a boat for next summer. Papa Lum plans to take his grandsons fishing!
Already, he looks like a pro!
E loved the farm house where you opened and closed doors. He thought it was funny, and he was pretty serious at getting the work done! Many photos to prove it!
All doors open. Petting the animals inside!
Closeup view of the "work"
So cute!
Loved the soft, big legos!
Hard to get these two movers in the same photo! Not a great one, but close enough!
Showing off his new car. Pretty proud. He "drove" at the Magic House

Good pic of Kameron and her son, Jakob.
Sandbox area. The boys BOTH had sand around their mouths. EW! I guess I'm not exploring new textures and tastes....but still....EW!
Two guys playing in the sand.
Eph showing his shovel skills
Pic of the sand area....pretty cool!

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