Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tigger and the Park!

Jerret surprised us with a kitty in June! Mr. Tigger is the yellow cutie pie getting harassed by Eph below. No, really, Tigger just adores Eph. They play together quite often!

Momma and Eph like to take off to the park. In June and July we went a few times together. Sometimes, we met friends from Rooftop, other times we just basked in each other, the sun, and the lovely weather God blessed us with!
Picnicking for the first time. Left the blanket a few times...didn't get the concept really. Why stay on the blanket when there is a world of rocks, bugs and leaves to play in?
First time on a swing outside.
I think he likes it!
Not sure where/how to hold on, but OH so cute!

Trying to play on the big kid toys. Makes him look little!

Ran away from picnic and found dirt!

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