Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in Review

We had an amazing year. 2010 was a great year and we are SO thankful. God blessed us in SO many ways! This is our 2010 recap (with the rest of the updates on older posts!)....Santa 2010
LAST Christmas. We have come SO far!
From sitting up, to crawling to walking.
With lotsa love from our families

From Lots of naps, to two naps, to ONE!
New friendships with those we love! (Cousin Noah with E!)
Tons of time with all THREE Grandmas this year!
New toys and adventures
A whole lot of cuteness
New experiences (and remembering them!)

New places and lots of mommy & daddy time!
A FIRST birthday!
Healthy, happy and employed parents!

A bunch of fun in 2010!
We continue to be blessed and know that God has great things for us in 2011, too. Happy New Year!

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