Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Everything in life is new. Rain is a weird concept. Its wet and coming from everywhere. People make you giggle, for no reason. Jumping (or as I call it "bummmppp") is entertaining ANYWHERE. My cousin, the big kid, teaches me how to play cops and robbers. I take Ham off the nearly ready Thanksgiving table and shove it in my mouth as fast as catches me. This ham stuff that grandpa smoked is amazing. Green beans have a new look--in a casserole. I learn how to run in circles around the couch and Not fall down. I still don't like to sleep anywhere but my own bed. I stay up all night crying/fussing because I want to sleep in my bed. I sleep the whole car ride to grandmas. I taste this orange stuff....called pumpkin pie. I LIKE it. I get photos taken with my cousin. We could hardly sit still.

--Memories from Ephraim's Thanksgiving 2010

I am SOOOO Thankful for just SO many things. I am so thankful for my family, friends, church community and jobs. We have SO much when I look back to where we started. Jerret and I were both single, living in inexpensive apartments in Carbondale. We both had huge aspirations of being leaders in companies. Little did we know that God had different plans for us. Down a windy road and end up at today....we have a great little family. I'm just so thankful for Ephraim and the joy he brings me (nearly!) everyday. (Hey, he is approaching 2....he can't help it somedays!) Its so amazing to see the world in his eyes, to be unconditionally loved by him and to share and show that love to him, too.
This Thanksgiving I'm also thankful for HEALTH. For our families' health, safety and happiness, too. We have had a few medical scares, but God has provided healing. I'm so thankful for our jobs, our house and our church. We have clothes, cars, and money for food. While it seems we don't have "it all" sometimes, that is because we are comparing to unrealistic and selfish worldy views. In terms of MY life, MY family and MY God, we currently have it all....and, I'm thankful.

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