Monday, December 6, 2010

Shutterfly cards--MY FAV!

This post will be my opinion on Shutterfly's holiday cards. I have always loved Shutterfly because of their fair prices and great codes/deals on photos, cards, and photo gifts. I started an account for the 50 free prints, and was immediately hooked. In previous years, I have done a variety of holiday cards--including Shutterfly. I like the modern designs and the classic ones too. Click here to see some of their options this year!

The HARDEST part about Shutterfly is making a decision! Seriously! The shipping is fast and easy, the uploading is just as quick. Using their site is simple....its just DECIDING what to pick! I've made some amazing photo mugs for my parents. They were so beautiful they won't even drink out of them! The coffee mugs are just great.

In years past, I made a calendar for Jerret. He would get it as a gift and take it to work (to think of me all the time :) This year, I'm going to make one for our family so we can see how Ephraim has grown. Each year in 2011 will have a photo of him that month in 2010~ I thought it was clever! Here is a link

I do love Shutterfly's holiday card options, but there are great ones for Thank Yous and Birthday Cards, too!

For writing this post, Shutterfly is giving me 50 holiday photo cards. I know this gift for my review will go over great with the family and friends receiving the holiday cards!

Happy Holidays!

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