Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rough week

Its been a rough week, but I've pulled through! Eph, of course, is doing perfectly fine! I just had some anxieties about changing our daycare rituals and making the adjustment to daycare outside of our home.

I received my first kiss from Eph on Thursday, March 18, 2010! It was so slobbery and cute, of course I cried!

Eph is now mobile. He isn't exactly crawling, but the kid is MOVING. He scoots, slides, rolls, wiggles and grunts his way around the room. He found daddy's "toys" (surround-sound equipment stuff, dvd player, PS2, etc) in the living room. He likes to push all the shiny buttons! Super cute (so I think!)

I have made the transition to getting to a gym. Its hard to get away, but at the same time I feel so much better after I move a little. Eph was able to attend with me last Friday. He played and enjoyed the company of some big kids.

I've also recently realized that it is NOT easy to shop at Target with a 10 month old kiddo. The sales are still all there, but man its hard to get there with my little guy. I just want to spend time playing with him when I get off work, but then there are SALES and FREE stuff with couponing. I try to get to Target at least once a month.

Easter is quickly approaching and I feel the greatness of this holiday. I'm so grateful that Jesus died for our sins, so we could be saved. I hope the Easter spirit is portrayed through me to Ephraim this season.

Easter Blessings!

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erin said...

awww.....i love those little slobbery kisses!